MotLys – 2019

Permanent sculptural installation, Sunnhetsgrenden – Nye Vardheim, Randaberg, Norway

Commisioned by Randaberg Kommune v/ KORO.

Concrete sculpures with lit yellow foiled glass facade.

Project in collaboration with Ingeborg Elieson.

Ergonomisk Akrobatikk – 2020

Permanent sculptural installation, Eilert Sundt VGS – Lyngdal,

Art consultant: Nina Björkendal

4 sculptures / wood and rubber

The intention was that the objects should embrace the architecture and not feel hung or mounted. The sculptures were to hold, lean on and break into the architecture in a natural way. I have chosen to place parts of the installation within physical reach. The physical proximity to the sculptures should contribute to intimate and interesting encounters between the students and the sculpture.